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Monday, December 17, 2012

Mag-aso Falls in Antequera

The Mag-aso falls in the town of Antequera is one of the major attractions in Bohol, Philippines. Because it is not usually included in a day-tour package, the Mag-aso falls is not as popular as the other attractions in the island such as Loboc River, Tarsier and old churches such as Baclayon Church and Sto Nino Parish Church among others.

Comparable to Tinago Falls in Iligan, Mag-aso fall’s name comes from the word “aso”, which means smoke. This is because of the haze produced by the 25-feet cascading falls that looks like smoke.

Located in Barangay Can-omay, Mag-aso falls is about 20 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. It is about 30 minutes travel by private car or motorcycle from the city center.

For those who love adventure, one can go down to the bottom of the falls by enjoying the slippery descent and doing an exhilarating climb, going up, with the use of shrubs and stones as foothold. There are also vines and other plants that help the adventure-seeker in pulling himself up.

If you are the typical tourist, you can take the 197 steps going down. Along the way, you will need to rest for a while to relax yourself from the tiring descent. Going upstairs is exhausting and those who do not have a healthy body are advised not to go down because coming up is really a challenge. If you think you are not healthy, do not dare try going down because you will surely suffer from heart attack or at least faint along the way. The drawback is that you do not see the breathtaking view below.

The picturesque view of Mag-aso makes one appreciate the goodness of God and the beauty of nature. Carved under the cascading waters is a deep pool that encouraged tourists to swim. Advised to stay away from the waterfalls, many still enjoy the hard fall of the waterfalls, which gives one a free massage.

Many foreigners enjoy swimming in Mag-aso falls because of the natural beauty of the place. Many of them do not experience this kind of fun in their country and that is one of the reasons they love the Philippines because it has a lot of natural wonders.

There are concrete tables and chairs available to the tourists at a minimum fee. Lifejackets and lifesavers are for rent at P50.


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