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Monday, December 17, 2012

Puraran Beach, Catanduanes

Here you can find the beach Puraran - it is considered one of the major surf destinations in the world listed. Like most beaches here, it has not been developed so that it is basically small makeshift huts, sand and amazing surf. Puraran beach is the surfing capital of Catanduanes, it has clean, white sand beach, it is also known internationally as Majestic. Barras beaches on the other side is not as white as the other beaches, but it's clean, clear water. Puraran Beach, Baras, Catanduanes province - one of my five secretaries Mela office said that his home province is one of the best kept secrets of tourism in the Philippines because of its world class venues and great surf white sand beaches. March to August are the best times to visit.

The general landscape of the island of Catanduanes is rolling and hilly, more and more towards the center. Less than 10 percent of the area has slopes of less than 8 per cent are mostly broken and narrow strip of lowland areas near the coast, where most residents are located. Once developed Tabaco you have three ferries to choose from, go to Catanduanes. San Andres to Virac you can move on a jeepney or tricycle to what you want. The ideal time to visit Catanduanes is from March to August, when the weather turns dry. It is rainy and cooler from October to January the warmest in the beginning, from March to May

To hear the waves crash was, the crickets sing, has filed a blanket of stars above, and surrounded by the lights of fireflies us. What is another word for it, other than magic? Siargao Iceland presents some interesting contrasts, its huge and powerful waves generated by the proximity of the deep Philippines, is a dream for surfers. When you visit the island, you'll undoubtedly see some of the best surfers in the world on the air to breath. The land of the first places for the waves were originally discovered by the international community while surfing.


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