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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tak Tak Falls, Siargao Island

Siargao Island is situated northeast of northern Mindanao. It is composed mostly of karstic (limestone) and in some areas of ultramafic (area with high mineral content) geology. This small island has flat to gentle sloped terrain. There is no prominent mountain in the island.

Siargao is well-known for surfers and beach loving people. It boasts to have one of the biggest waves the ocean has to offer in the Philippine archipelago. It has white beaches with fine-grained sands. The long seashores make a leisurely walk to pick empty shells a welcome activity.

Unknown to most people who visited Siargao, in the northern part of the island lies a small waterfall that offer an extra venue for tourists to enjoy the holiday. Tak-tak Fall is located in Rizal of the municipality of Sta. Monica. The waterfall is not that high as compared to islands with high mountains. Despite its size, the pool formed by cementing the lower portion of the waterfall allows a refreshing retreat for those scorched from the sun while surfing. The surrounding area is still covered with good vegetation and one of the newest damselfly (Drepanosticta schorri Villlanueva, 2011) from the Philippines came from this area.


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