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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Seco Island

TIBIAO, ANTIQUE – Seco Island is becoming a popular adventure destination thanks to kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding originated from Germany in the 1970s but gained popularity in many countries, including the Philippines, in recent years. Kitesurfing allows a surfer to use a huge kite to propel him and his board across the waves.

Seco Island is a1.5-kilometer stretch of sand and shallow clear water popular for game fishing activities, white water kayaking, and river rafting.

But the habagat hitting Seco Island made it into a popular kitesurfing destination with the strong, consistent wind taking kitesurfers as high as 50 to 150 feet in the air while on their surfboards.

Bloggers describe Seco Island as a sanctuary and a safe zone for kitesurfing.
Kite safaris are now becoming a hit among kitesurfers who intend to hop from one island to another and weigh the winds to see where best to kitesurf.

Kitesurfer Dane, in her blog Trust me, it’s Paradise, wrote of the appeal of the island because of its simplicity.

Kitesurfer Carlos wrote in that the sport is more than just gearing up and with a board and kite and riding the winds – it’s about experiencing the elements, particularly when one is kitesurfing in gusty winds

However, beginners need to take kitesurfing lessons. gives tips and basic lessons for kitesurfing from the professionals themselves. Of course, one can be creative after knowing the basic fundamentals of the sport.

One can also readily take up lessons in some kitesurfing schools like Isla KiteSurfing in Boracay  which is just a two hour ride from Tibiao town. But for beginners, Seco Island is an ideal location.


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