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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Biri Island, Samar Island

Biri Island is in Northern Samar known as “Grand Canyon of the Philippines.”

Biri Island is known for its gorgeous rock formations. It is one of the tiny islands in San Bernardino Strait, which separates Sorsogon and Samar Island.

There are seven rock formations of different shapes and sizes, lining the seashore about 500 meters from the roadside. According to a study from the University of the Philippines’ National Institute of Geological Sciences, the rocks are sedimentary rocks from the Early Miocene Period, making them about 5 million to 23 million years old.

The formations are separated from each other by water, smaller rocks, seaweed and mini-saltwater pools. At low tide, the water is about knee-deep, but is deeper in the mini-pools, so you must avoid them. There’s a cement bridge from the roadside to the rocks, but it’s unfinished so you still have to wade the rest of the way.

The rock was shaped like a gigantic table, wide and covered with grass at the top, with a base in the middle.The other one was shaped like an obtuse triangle

The rock formations were also separated from the road by a body of water, but this time the area was planted with a mixture of green and yellowish mangroves.


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