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Monday, January 21, 2013

Gumamela Caverock Farm Resort, Davao City

Nestled in a secluded , peaceful and tranquil farm setting 21km outside of Davao City Hall  is the historical Gumamela Caverock Farm Resort. The resort land area is part of the Tolosa Property which was formerly occupied by the Japanese Imperial Forces during World War II .  

The resort is a recreation and tourism  graded establishment and  consists of 8 traditional- Heritage Cottages situated in between fruit trees, with mini- conference facilities, a restaurant- cocktail bar,  swimming pool-spa and sports facilities on site. 

It offers a wide range of nature- based activities like hiking,  trekking, Japanese Cave Exploration and other nature- based adventure activities.

River/ creek, natural Waterfalls and springs, World War II Japanese Imperial Army Bunkers or caves (the resort was also occupied by the Japanese forces during World War II), well- preserved rainforests/ vegetation, paintings and Bagobo- inspired sculptures, World's tallest concrete Hibiscus or Gumamela Sculpture handcrafted by Rey Mudjahid "Kublai" Millan , Man-made and mud-painted Poolside Caverock (artificial caves and rocks) shower rooms and toilets , natural stone- heated spa- swimming pool , secured environment, traditional- heritage cottages (modern-native design), hybrid gumamela plants - centennial series, millennium series and celebrity series from the University of the Philippine Institute of Plant Breeding and other ornamental plants.

A Classy inland, riverside, mountain farm resort and restaurant   located at Purok 3 Tolosa, Barangay (Village) Matina Biao, Tugbok District, Davao City. The City Government of Davao has reclassified the land where the resort is situated as a Park and Recreation Zone under Resolution No. 0163-10 with corresponding City Ordinance No. 017- 10. With approved Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC-R11-1101-0013) issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources- Environmental Management Board under Presidential Decree 1586.


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