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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Mantigue Island is a small island located about 3.5 km (2.2 mi) off the coast of volcanic island province of Camiguin province in the Philippines. Also known as Magsaysay Island, it is about 4 hectares of greenery fringed with a gleaming white beach of powdery coral sand.[1] A fishing village is located in the northern side of the island. One side of the island is a white sand beach with corals offshore, and the opposite side provides a deep drop-off for snorkeling and diving.

Mantigue Island offers a lush greenery effect from afar. It has a mini-forest area in the middle and the beach is white-sand. It is an estimated four hectares of land located off the town of Barangay San Roque in the town of Mahinog. Travelling 14-15 kilometers south from Mambajao, the main town of Camiguin, one will reach the nearest coast to access Mantigue Island. The ride from Mahinog to Mantigue Island would take about 20 minutes using an outrigger.

Inhabited by several closely related families, Mantigue Island attracts tourists simply because of the experience. One side of the island is ideal for swimming and snorkeling while the other side has a deep drop off which is ideal for diving. Corals and fishes give more wonders and excitement to those who want to be more intimate with the sea.

Going to Mahinog from nearby towns would cost P100-P150 riding a “motorela” (vehicle powered by a motorcycle). Return trips using an outrigger boat costs P500. Mask, snorkel and fins cost P50 for a day use. Sleeping at Mantigue Island is not ideal but if one wants to experience it, P500/room is a ball park figure. Foods serving costs P100-P150. Just be sure to order ahead of time as the locals will travel back to Mahinog to purchase the meat and ingredients.

Mantigue Island which used to be known as Magsaysay is located in an open sea. Travelling to the island is an adventure as one has to contend with the strong diverging currents due to the open sea. The families that lived there are the ones who take care of the tourists. A small school was built for these families. Recently, there have been gabs that the families living there will be relocated to Mahinog to make Mantigue Island completely owned by the government and become more of a tourist destination.


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