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Friday, October 19, 2012

Sohoton Lagoon/Paradise Island

Sohoton lagoon and Paradise Island are two amazingly gorgeous islands far off from every day life of the Philippines.  Starting from the already secluded Siargao island, we’ll travel further by small boats out to the picture perfect ‘Paradise Island’ where we can be castaways for the afternoon, and uncover this white sandbar like island.

We’ll continue by boat passing many more gorgeous empty beaches till we find our way to an island encircling a nearly hidden lagoon.  The boats take us into the lagoon where we can cliff jump, go snorkeling, and check out underwater caves.

Amazingly, there is one giant house around the lagoon that we make our home for the night.  Our local guides cook up a feast for us, and we truly are living the good life!

This enchanting cove is half submerged in water most of the time and accessible only during low tide passing through a cave entrance. Once inside the cove, visitors can go around paddling in kayaks passing through rocky islets while enjoying the pristine waters and beautiful natural sceneries. It can be reached from Surigao City in an hour ride by boat.


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