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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Samal Island

Samal is a 2nd class city in the province of Davao del Norte, Philippines. Its official name is the Island Garden City of Samal. It has a population of 90,291 people according to 2010 LGPMS Census.
Samal is now a part of Metropolitan Davao and is only two kilometers away from Davao City, the most important economic center in Mindanao.
The city is the largest resort city of the Philippines, due to its good beaches, and it also houses many beach resorts, such as Kaputian Resort, Pearl Farm, Paradise Island, and many more. It has also numerous marine reefs and tranquil waters that lure the tourists to visit them. Because of these, the Department of Tourism named it one of the best visiting islands in Mindanao and now the fastest growing tourist destination in the country. Thus, tourism is the main source of income in the city.

Fishing is also a growing business sector in this city, because since the city was situated on the island, it cannot fully complement the demand for meat products imported from other parts of the country, especially in nearby Davao City. The city has no both container port and deep-water transport terminal, except for a barge wharf at Babak district, to deliver market products directly to the city, so the city government advocated building fishery complexes across the city to minimize the demand for market products imported to the city. Fish, pearls, and edible crustaceans such as shrimps, prawns, and crabs are the main aquatic consumable products in the city.


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