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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Down south in the Province of Surigao Del Sur lie stunning 24 Islands and Islets so beautifully scattered in the waters Lianga Bay facing the great Oceans of the Pacific. These amazing gifts of nature are called BRITANNIA GROUP OF ISLANDS.

Britannia Group of Islands is situated in Barangay Britannia of San Agustin in the central region of Surigao Del Sur. From Davao City, San Agustin can be reached by passenger bus or private vehicle approximately 6 hours away. The road trip going there may be dull but rest assured these Islets are worth the long travel.

Not known to many, Surigao del Sur, an eastern province of Mindanao is blessed with different islands and islets on its coastal area. Among these Islands in the entire province, Britannia Group of Islands are the most enticing. When I first set my eyes on these islets, I immediately succumbed myself to pure admiration to its beauty that I say truly beyond compare.

Composed of 24 Islets, this Group of Islands varies from shapes and sizes scattered magnificently in the open sea. When you see them, you instantly be reminded me of the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan and the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, all combined as one. There were adjacent Islets spherical in shape and some of them are partially surrounded with pristine white sands so pure and refined.


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