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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yapak Beach (Puka Shell Beach)

The most romantic beach on the island of Boracay is likely to be Puka Beach. Although there are over twelve gorgeous beaches in this island, Puka Shell Beach, also known as ‘Yapak’, attracts more romantic couples with their carefully planned picnic baskets and private rendezvous than any other beach on Boracay. In fact, this popular Philippine tourist attraction is not only ideal for picnics, it also offers a wide variety of entertainment to the international tourist.

Puka Beach is famously named after the shells that cover the area’s shoreline and the locals typically collect these shells and craft them into jewelry for the tourists. It isn’t uncommon to see local Filipina women digging through the sand with a plastic container in hand and uncovering handfuls of Puka shells to take back to the local shops for handiwork. Tourists also like to trapse along the shore and pick up colorful stones and unique shells. If you intend to join these hopeless romantics, Yapak Beach can be found at the island’s north end, just past Eco Village and the Shangri La Resort. It faces Carabao Island and is one of the most beautiful islets surrounding Boracay

This beach is relatively untouched and provides a refuge to those who are tired of the commercial crowded areas of White Beach and D Mall. The quiet serene atmosphere of Puka Beach is an attractive lure to romantic travelers and the pristine feel of this place only becomes greater as you stroll further north and discover the most native reaches of the island. Puka Beach also has some of the most beautiful rock formations on the island and is a great place to discover some of the native foods like garlic prawns, crabs, and calamari.

Visitors can reach Puka Beach by taking a boat or hiring a tricycle for roughly 150 pesos. Adventurous visitors may choose to hike or ride a mountain bikes across the 2-3 mile stretch from D Mall.
Those who want to swim in the waters on Puka Beach will need to use the utmost caution because powerful waves and a very swift current have been known to prove be dangerous to inexperienced swimmers. For one of the most romantic places in Boracay to watch the sunset on a beautiful evening, don’t forget to put Puka Beach at the top of your list.


Keith Cruise said...

I can say Puka Beach has the clearest beach water you will ever see in Boracay Philippines, or even compared to other beaches around the world. It's one of my favorite beach in the island, except the fact that it has very few boracay beach resort hotel, restaurants and bars.

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