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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guisi Lighthouse, Guimaras Island

The Guisi Point Lighthouse is located in Barangay Dolores, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. An 18th-century lighthouse built during the Spanish-colonial era, it is considered as the second oldest lighthouse in the Philippines, next only to the one found in Aparri, Cagayan.

Guisi Lighthouse is another must see if you are in Guisi Point in Guimaras. The beach of Guisi is one of the best especially if you are the type of a beach bunny who wants to just relax and unwind. The lighthouse is located on the far left end of Guisi beach and is top part is visible from the beachfront.

Why is this a local attraction?
Well,it might be just a tall rusty tower that can be sold to the nearest junkshop but this lighthouse has been standing for more than 300 years. Yes, you read it right. Three centuries and still facing Panay Gulf.

For a small fee of 10 pesos, you can assume that you have found a national treasure and heritage. The place is well maintained by the caretakers and they are friendly enough to answer your questions about the place.  To fully put justice to this place, you should visit Guisi Lighthouse yourself.

Around the lighthouse is a settlement for those who used to manned the lighthouse.  If you want to go back in time, then is visit Guisi Ruins. You can still see some baked red bricks with some roots growing between blocks.

Taking a walk around Guisi Lighthouse with the loud splashing of the waves gives that romantic and relaxing ambiance.  If you are alone with a would be a seductive and tempting place. If you want to relax..take a seat and you can surely tinker some positive thoughts.


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