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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Ruins, Negros Island

The Ruins of Talisay is Negros Occidental, despite its damaged state is still a marvelous sight to behold. Beautiful garden and fountain tiered with water lilies greets the visitors. During its heyday, it was a gem right in the heart of a sugarcane plantation. At night, the mansion ruins looks even more spectacular. A romantic place to held weddings and reception. For those into glamour photography, this is the perfect place for photo shoots.

The Ruins of Lacson Mansion History

Wealthy sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson built the mansion in 1900′s for Maria Braga, his portuguese wife. He made sure that the mansion was furnished with imported luxurious items. The Mansion’s structure resembles that of the italian architecture with neoclassical columns. The facades of the mansion is comparable to the ones in Carnegie Hall. The belvedere facing west enables one to view the beautiful sunset through the bay window.

The garden of the mansion was tended by Don Mariano’s daughter Angelina. Imported lilies filled the garden and around the fountain. A japanese gardener was hired to maintain the gardens until he disappeared just before the war. It was found out later on that the gardener they hired was an informant to the Japanese Military. When the world war 2 broke out, the guerillas burned down the mansion to prevent the Japanese from occupying the area. The mansion burned down leaving behind the concrete structure that still stands to this day.

There’s no current plans of getting the ruins restored back to its glorious form. For now there’s a mini cafe and restaurant to chill inside the ruins. Guests can amuse themselves with a quick game of golf in the mini golf area.


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