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Monday, November 26, 2012

Crocodile Island, Boracay

The island of Boracay, known for its talcum white sand, crystal clear blue water and the breathtaking view never fails to magnetize tourists. It offers limitless activities to both local and foreign tourists which they can indulge while in the island. One of these activities is to go on scuba diving or snorkeling in Crocodile Island which is about 20 minutes sailing time from the white beach. It is located in the southern tip of Boracay in the Philippines. This is usually part of the island hopping package along with visiting the Crystal Cove Island which cost P 600.00 per person but you can still negotiate. Snorkeling gadgets are free of charge.

From a distant, Crocodile Island, a small uninhabited island looks like the head of a crocodile. It is considered by many as one of the best diving site in the island and best site for divers of all levels. Although, currents can sometimes be strong in this area so extra attention and care should be considered by divers who wants to explore its marine life.

Crocodile Island has an enormous marine life which makes your diving expedition an outstanding experience. It’s one of the best in the Philippines along with Balicasag Island Dive Resort in Panglao, Bohol. While in Crocodile Island either diving or snorkeling, you will get the chance to see the beautiful collection of corals along with the wide diversity of fish. Some of the marine life you will encounter are schools of fish, nudibranch, lion fish, scorpion fish, moray eels, cuttle fish, sea snakes, gorgonian fan corals and a lot more. Fish life also includes wrasses, sweetlips, groupers, snappers and banded sea snakes.

Some resorts in Boracay can arrange a diving trip or an island hopping tour with their guest or you can go directly to any diving facilities found in the island. If you want to dive, professional divers will assist you in the trip to Crocodile Island. If you’re on an island tour package, equipments as well as life vest are provided.

So while in the island paradise of Boracay, make sure to make an experience truly astonishing and worth keeping. Don’t miss the mesmerizing beauty of Crocodile Island.

Reef walking at the island


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