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Monday, November 26, 2012

Calicoan Island, Samar Island

Calicoan is an island bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the East, and Leyte Gulf on the West. With its rugged landscape, virgin tropical forests, unspoiled white sand beaches, crystal clear water and surf, Calicoan is a must-see for the adventurous traveler or intrepid surfer.

ABCD Beach, Calicoan Island’s prime surfing area boasts both left-hand and right-hand waves. Surfing season runs from April to November. Summer months are perfect for learners with gentle 2 to 3 foot waves, while the latter months offer bigger and more challenging waves. Board rentals are available as are surf lessons upon request.

What to see...
Calicoan Island is envisioned to become the surfing capital and a top tourist destination in Eastern Visayas.

Calicoan Island boasts of miles of white sand beaches. With powerful swells rolling in from the Pacific over the 10,000 meters Philippine Deep, Calicoan is a surfer's paradise. The season for the best waves is generally from October to March.

In the middle of the island are six lagoons ringed by forest, the largest being 30 hectares in size.

At the cliffside margin of Calicoan's forests are dozens of caves. On the northern tip of Calicoan are wetlands like the Everglades, teeming with fish, shrimp, and crabs.

The rich diversity of the area is evident when one sees the exotic species being sold. The surrounding waters support several marine based industries such as fish, seaweed, and pearl farming.

Calicoan Island is one of the islands of the town of Guiuan, in the province of Eastern Samar. It lies east of Leyte Gulf, off the southeast point of Samar. The island can be reached from Tacloban City by a two-hour bus ride.


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