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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Salawaw Cave is situated at Sitio San Vicente, Tongan-Tongan, Valencia City; open for adventurers and spelunkers. The cave’s aesthetic features include the amazing formations of calcite and a cave pool which is a part of a stream. The stream exists below the cave portal and connects to a river around 250 meters away from the cave. There are some parts of the cave where the water flows from the stream and reaches the top of the cave, making it impossible to pass through the cave from its entrance to an e

The cave opening is almost clogged by a breakdown of ceiling materials measures the highest and widest sections of the cave which is 31.95 meters wide and twelve (12) meters tall. Its tapered part measures 5.10 meters wide and not more than one (1) meter tall. Large crickets (about 10 centimeters body length) are among the abundant species found in the cave, next to bats. Anthropoids are the most common group of animals inhabiting caves.

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