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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Located at Barangay Mambuaya, Cagayan de Oro city, the cave entrance is flowing water from underground stream.

The cave has a small opening that seems too narrow to be passable, it has a six (6) inches airspace between ceiling and water that you have submerge yourselves one by one, equipped with a helmet and a waterproof cap lamp.

The cave contains a beautiful sparkling formations which is called the Calcium Carbonate or Calcites. These stalactites and stalagmites, white and brown, are sign of oxidized materials that take 50-60 years to form an inch.

The cave is definitely spellbinding, There were formations of flowstone, gurpool-resembling, rice terraces, transparent crystals and pictureque speleothems, such as cathedral drapes and icons. Everything was simply beautiful and awesome.


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