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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hagimit Falls, Samal Island

One could easily be drawn by the beauty of the surroundings in Hagimit Falls. Lush greens will delight your eyes while the never ending sound of the gushing waters surely is music to the ears. Hagimit Falls is a small waterfall with natural swimming pools surrounded by amazing rock formations. The falls flow into series of cascades and pools and is perfect for picnickers and campers.

But who would ever guess that such bountiful beauty could hide a painful past? Reading the tarpaulin placed at the midway of the steps would reveal that the original cultivator of the land was stuck by lightning and his successor likewise died while gathering freshwater prawns in the falls' underwater caves.

Notwithstanding the death in the family, the remaining heirs continually nurtured the place visualizing that the beauty of Hagimit Falls will extend beyond island boundaries making the place a healthy living legacy for future generations to see. Afterall, they believe that Hagimit Falls is God's perfect gift of nature to the Samalinos.

Hagimit Falls is located in Barangay Kawag, Penaplata in the Island Garden City of Samal. To go there, first you have to get to Davao then take a ferry/boat to the Island Garden City of Samal. The Falls is about two kilometers from Penaplata and is accessible by car/jeep. After Penaplata proper, upon reaching the top of the long uphill road, turn left at the dirt road hich is about 350 meters away.

Or, you could take a habal-habal/motorcycle from any point in Samal and ask the driver to bring you to this place. In our case, we hired a motorcycle from Maxima Aqua Fun Resort into this place and the ride was just around five minutes. A minimal entrance fee is collected at the gates for the upkeep of the place.


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