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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin

Approximately 16 kilometers from Catarman proper, a huge cross was built in 1982 which lies 20 feet underwater to commemorate the community cemetery which sunk during the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vulcan (known as the Old Volcano of Camiguin) on 1871. It is located at Barrio Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin Island.

The story about the Sunken Cemetery can be traced back during the 1871 volcanic eruption of the Old Volcano known as Mt. Vulcan and earthquake which destroyed the entire capital of the ancient Camiguin Island founded during the Spanish era. 

History states that the Old Volcano of Camiguin had four historical eruptions. First of which was during the 1827 period. Second of this eruption was around the year of 1862 which killed hundreds of its people. The third eruption and most historically significant was in 1871 which made the entire capital of Camiguin Island with its Spanish Church (Known for today as the Century-old Gui-ob Church Ruins build by the Spanish) and even its cemetery sunk under the sea approximately 20-25 feet underwater.

In the year 1948, Mt. Vulcan once again erupted sinking the whole area deeper.

The Sunken Cemetery is actually 20-30 meters away from the shoreline. Visiting the area is free. However, if you wanted to experience, take a look closer, and be amazed with its glorious attraction, you can avail the bancas available in the shoreline which can take you to the site for only P20.00 per individual. Yes, that is indeed a minimal amount.

Today, the Sunken Cemetery is one of most visited tourist spot in the Island of Camiguin and is one of the most unique diving sites in the world. Fun of snorkeling, and diving can actually see the corals with tombstones populated by schools of fishes and other marine living organisms. You can even swim through the clear waters up to the site of the main cross approximately 100 meters from the huge cross for 5-10 minutes.


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