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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daplac Cove San Vicente Palawan

With the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean surrounding the country, it’s no wonder that the Philippines has a vibrant and rich marine life. And despite of the fact that modernization has started to take its toll on these wonders of nature, there are still many places in the country that are just waiting to be explored, like the Daplac Cove in Boayan Island, San Vicente, Palawan..

Before you get a peek of this hidden paradise, you will have to get through the little islands and cliffs that surround it. There are also mountain ranges concealing this haven.

But don’t let these discourage you. They are not there to stop you from getting to your destination. They are there for a purpose, and that is for you to appreciate the other wonderfully-made creations of God.

Many people have yet to explore this precious gem hiding in the islands of Palawan. Imagine fine grains of sand that easily seep through your fingertips once you get a handful, or the turquoise beach that one could really admire. See what’s underneath the surface with crystal clear waters surrounding the area.

You could really see that the place has maintained its original beauty because few people are aware about this paradise. It’s the perfect place for someone who wants to get away with the hustle and bustle of their hectic schedules and itineraries.


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