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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Timoga Spring Pool

Iligan the City of Waterfalls has several spring swimming pools to offer. One of the most spectacular of which is the Timoga Spring Pool found in Timoga, Buru-un, Iligan, Philippines. It is one of the several pools found in the area that got its water from the flowing spring coming from the mountains of Iligan City. It is 5-10 minutes away from Maria Cristina Falls and minutes away from El Lauriento Swimming Pool and Mimar’s Springway Resort which are also classy spring pools that offer that same icy cool water and has spacious area with restaurant.

Timoga Spring Pool has a broad parking area which makes it easy to see your vehicle. Of course the management is not liable for any damages or losses but the guard nearby can help in the security of your car and belongings. They have been issued an environmental compliance certificate by the DENR or Department of Environment and Natural Resources last June 16, 1999 and it is still effective today.

Timoga Spring Pool has several swimming pools to offer for both children and adults. Fountains and sprinklers are found in a couple of pools while slides and diving board are found in the other pools. Concrete statues of cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Tarzan and many others are found inside Timoga Spring Pool.


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